SWITCH Power is an Alberta based Independent Power Producer (IPP), focused on capital deployment of long-term infrastructure assets through creative projects, creative financing, and creative commercial structures. We deploy strategic power assets in the Commercial & Industrial (C&I), Community, Mining, and Utility sectors. Sustainable power is our mandate and creates the foundation of the three pillars we strive to achieve in every project: how do they impact our environment, are they economical and based on market fundamentals, and do they benefit our counterparties? For us, it’s about generating the most cost effective, reliable and impactful electron for our customers.

"Our focus is on generation where meaningful megawatts generate meaningful returns. Our capital deployment strategy is a risk-based approach to investing in power infrastructure, where we manage technology, operational, and counterparty risk through a contracted revenue profile, competitive market position, robust value proposition and risk adjusted returns. Generally counterparty focused and solutions based, we’re a nice mix of service provider meets infrastructure investor."

- Trevor White, President & CEO






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SWITCH Power is targeting both specific geographical and sectoral markets based on market fundamentals, scale of opportunity, embedded counter-party value proposition and barriers to entry.

SWITCH the Way You Think About Power

SWITCH the Way You Think About Power